Terminal for bulk cargo in export

The capacity of the terminal: 400 000 T/god.
Length of Rogač coastline: 250 m
Depth of the coast: 10 m
Size of the vessel: 30 000 T
Loading capacity: 150 T/h
Articulated conveyors: 2 units for ships up to 5000 tons.
Gantry cranes with grab buckets: 2 units with movable baskets for loading cargo, 2 x 7 tons (300 T/h).
Transport system - mobile conveyors capacity: 200T/h
Storage capacity: 2×2500 m2 - flat floor
Storage hall unloading: Classic loader - capacity 250 T/h.

• KAN, UREA, NPK, cereals

Unloading ramp for special wagons with side openings
• Capacity - 150 T/h

• The R4 track (length 300m) is used for the terminal's needs.

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