Port specifications

Length: 250 m

Width: without limitations

Depth: 10,0 m

Height: without limitations

Available: Yes
Mandatory: No
Use of ship's boats: Yes
Mandatory pilotage: Yes - for all vessels over 500 GT
Tugboats: Yes
Ship supply: Yes

Permitted time: 24 h

Customs procedure: Routine check of personal ID card and passport

Permitted time on berth: without limitations

Number of berths: 3

Total length of the docks: 345 m
Depth: 8,2m

Passenger terminal: No

Ship repair yard: Yes (Floating dock for ships up to 1500 DWT and up to 80 m in length)

Bunker: Yes (with tanker trucks)

Reception and equipment for solid waste: Yes

Collection and equipment for liquid waste: Yes

Fumigation and rodent control: Yes

Control of quantity and quality of goods: Yes

Freight forwarding: Yes

Harbour towage: Yes

Washing and transportation of laundry from ships: Yes

Mooring / unmooring of a ship: Yes

Water: Yes

Food supply: All services can be arranged with a ship's agent

Banking services at the terminal: No

Parking: Yes

Agency services: Yes

City center: 500 m

Airport: Airport Split - 40 km

Railway station:  500 m

Bus station: 500 m

Shuttle service: Available

Taxi: Yes

Rent-a car: Yes

Public buses: Available

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