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Concessions allocation

The applicant for a concession for the performance of basic and auxiliary port activities (Article 107, paragraph 2, points 6, 8, 9, and paragraph 3 of the Law on Maritime Domain and Seaports, Official Gazette 83/23) which do not require exclusive use of existing nor the construction of new buildings and other infrastructure and superstructure facilities in the port area of the Port Authority of Šibenik must submit the following information and documents:


  1. Request for concession to perform activities;
  2. The translated text in English is: "Extract from the court / trade register showing the registration of the activity for which the concession is being sought;
  3. Proof of possessing appropriate technical, professional, and organizational capabilities for performing the port activity for which the concession is sought;
  4. Statements
    1. That all obligations from previous concessions have been settled as of the day of submitting the offer or request.
    2. That in the five years preceding the date of submitting the offer or request, a concession for the economic use of maritime goods has not been revoked.
    3. That he has not used maritime goods without a valid legal basis and/or caused damage to the maritime goods.
    4. Regarding the absence of grounds for excluding the economic entity
  5. BON2
  6. Confirmation from the tax administration about payment or that there is no debt based on public levies;
  7. The translated text in English is: "Plan and annual operational work program - a study of economic justification;


The annual concession fee consists of two parts:

  1. Fixed part of the fee
  2. Variable part of the fee


The Management Board of the Port Authority of Šibenik will, based on the requests of legal and natural persons (tradespeople), make a Decision on granting the concession upon request, and then a Concession Agreement will be concluded. Along with the Agreement, the concessionaire also submits a promissory note as a guarantee for fulfilling the obligations of the concession. By signing the Concession Agreement, the concessionaire acquires the right to perform the activities of the concession subject in the port area managed by the Port Authority of Šibenik, 24 hours a day. The Concession Agreement is registered in the Concession Register (Concessions Act, Official Gazette 69/17, 107/20).


Invitation to interested parties

For the award of a concession for conducting activities in the port area managed by the Port Authority of Šibenik


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