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Šibenik is the main city of the Šibenik-Knin County, which is home to around 152 thousand inhabitants in 12 municipalities, 194 settlements, and 5 cities. Šibenik itself has around 55 thousand inhabitants. The central part of the region, with a deep canyon of the Krka and Čikola rivers, as well as the Prukljansko Lake and the Šibenik Channel, is divided into two parts, but at the same time, the Krka River has always been the link that integrated the area of northern and central Dalmatia into a single entity, the Šibenik area.

The Krka river has a special significance due to its water supply and hydro potential, as well as its natural beauty and tourist attractiveness. The sea and coast also have great natural and economic importance, with tourism developed in numerous places known for their natural environment, architectural heritage, and rich tourist offer.

Climate is extremely Mediterranean with a very high average annual sunshine duration (2710 hours). Summer temperatures are relatively high but are mitigated by the maestral wind (blowing from the sea towards the coast). Precipitation is highest in winter, while summers are predominantly dry. The vegetation along the coast is Mediterranean.

Sea is the greatest treasure of the region, with a coastline length of 56.2 km in the air, and 805.9 km in reality. The largest surface flow is the Krka River, which runs over numerous waterfalls (Miljacka, Manojlovac, Bilušić buk, Roški slap and Skradinski buk) on its way. There are two national parks in the Šibenik region, Krka and Kornati.

The city of Šibenik is the cultural, educational, administrative, and economic center of the region. The city is home to numerous cultural institutions, such as the County Museum with its Archaeological, Cultural-Historical, Ethnographic, Gallery, and Natural Sciences departments; the Archive; the City Library; the Administration for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage - Conservatory Department Šibenik, the Šibenik Theater and International Children's Festival, St. Krševan Gallery, the Administration of the National Park "Krka," and the Šibenik Singing Society "Kolo" (since 1899).

Few cities have preserved as many witnesses to their existence as Šibenik - that ancient city once surrounded by strong walls, a city that has stood and endured for almost ten centuries, destroyed by hatred and envy only to be rebuilt with love.

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